About Me

Welcome to my fiber studio! Since my earliest childhood I have loved working with my hands and with wool. My journey has taken me from knitting as a young child growing up in Germany, to hat making (millinery design) and ultimately wet felting. Along the way, I expanded my interests to hand dyeing of protein fibers to complement my designs, and I have a deep passion to learn about Japanese Shibori and Korean Bojagi and Joomchi (felting paper).

I enjoy the aesthetics of looking at something beautiful and handmade –  the combination of natural fiber, texture, color and the silhouette that evolves from my work is most appealing to me. I want to share this beauty with others. Felting allows me to work with wonderful versatile wool. It allows me to combine all that I love about fiber in creating wearable art and objets d’art.

As with so many things in life, one particular interest may and should lead to another. And that is why I am constantly diving into new areas of fiber art. The fun in it all is when I can take one fiber art form and combine it with another. Felting led me to dyeing my own silks and (sometimes wool), and my interest in Japanese Shibori was born. Korean Bojagi piqued my interest after working with silk organza, and lastly Korean Joomchi has led me to studying the properties of mulberry paper and combining this with wool. The options are endless!

Among my many other endeavors, I hold a Certificate of Millinery Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. I occasionally still block a fashionable hat and create fantasy headpieces just for the fun of it!

I was born and raised in Germany while my father was a member of the US military. My sisters and I all attended German schools and we took full advantage of living in Europe. For so many years our wonderful mother, who was a true art historian and the ultimate traveler, made sure we were steeped in art, art history, music and international cultures. I now reside a few miles north of New York City along the beautiful and mighty Hudson River with my family and our cat, Cleo. If you find yourself in the New York Rivertowns, come and visit my studio!